Have You Considered the Possible Benefits of PPE Standardization?


Selecting personal protective equipment (PPE) can be a daunting experience to some. Does the PPE meet regulatory requirements? How much does it cost? What are the overall benefits? Will it help protect workers from short and long-term hazards?

But there are other considerations that health and safety managers, leadership and end-users should take into account when deciding what PPE is appropriate given the hazard, exposure, job, task and application. One thing that many people may not consider are the benefits of standardization when it comes to selecting PPE. Selecting PPE from the same manufacturer and PPE configurations that are compatible can help in numerous ways. Let’s consider some of these potential benefits…

First of all, PPE selection can be complex enough. There are certification considerations, selection and use regulations, worksite program requirements, and technical specifications that you need to understand. But when you standardize PPE you can help reduce some of the complexity and also potentially drive cost-savings. Not only can you help reduce the number of PPE models, but you can also drive potential savings by buying in bulk and driving down inventory costs by reducing the number of different places you need to order from.

3M Grinding PPEStandardizing PPE can also help with simplifying training. Instead of having to train on different pieces of similar PPE from different manufacturers, you can save time and money when it comes to training by using the same manufacturer. This can also help when it comes to things like fit testing respiratory protection because you are fitting employees with the same models. It may also help with compliance since everyone is trained on the same PPE and can help ensure that workers are using it properly.

Moreover, this can also help ensure the PPE selected meets regulatory requirements. On the flip side, this can also make it easier for safety managers and others to recognize non-compliant products and this can help them better control PPE selection and use.

Standardization can help with establishing a unified corporate program when it comes to health and safety across multiple job sites and locations. It can not only help clarify direction on appropriate PPE and health and safety standards across sites, but it can also help reduce confusion among the workforce because everyone is using the same PPE and this can cut down on questions about donning, doffing, compliance, etc. This has the potential to help create corporate product PPE catalogs at distribution to help facilitate purchasing which can also go far in helping eliminate the use of products outside of those selected for the worksite.

PPE Standardization can have many benefits from cost-savings to compliance to helping eliminate confusion. It is helpful to work with a reputable PPE manufacturer to help support your needs when making appropriate PPE selections. To discuss your questions and challenges, we encourage you to reach out to our health and safety specialists today for all your needs concerning heavy manufacturing PPE and applications.